Here are the most common questions I receive from my clients. If you still have questions about our sessions or policies, please contact me.

How far will you travel?

I am happy to meet with clients within 60 miles of Irvington, Alabama at no additional charge. If you live outside of this area, contact me and we can work something out.

Where do sessions take place?

After our initial consultation via email/messenger/or phone, I can come to your home or business, or we can meet at a park. I do place priority on safety, both for my clients, their pets, and myself, so I reserve the right to make alternate suggestions if I feel a suggested meeting place may not be safe for a photo session.

What types of pets do you photograph?

Dogs and cats are my most common subjects, but I am willing to photograph any type of pet you own as long as it is not dangerous based on my own judgement.

Can I be in the photograph?

People are certainly welcome to be in the photographs I take.

How many pets are allowed per session?

Keep in mind that the more faces there are in a photograph, the longer the shot will take. I leave it up to my clients to decide how many subjects to include in the session. My sessions last for 90 minutes including wait time for owner's and pets to get settled, so fewer participants leads to a greater number of quality images.

What if the weather is bad the day of the session?

Again, safety is a priority for me. If the weather is bad due to rain, wind, excessive heat, or excessive cold we will need to reschedule. Even if the session is indoors, we will likely need to reschedule in the event of severe thunderstorms due to many pets having storm anxiety.

What is your cancellation policy?

Fees are due the day of the session, so if you need to cancel, that is not a problem as long as you let me know before I travel to meet you. I will call to confirm our appointment within 24 hours of the session.

Can my dog be on a leash for the session?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, I would prefer it for the safety of your pet if we are in a public place. I can crop most leashes out in my post-processing. I do not crop out collars or harnesses.

How do I book a session?

Complete the contact me form with a couple of sentences detailing what kind of pet you want photographed, the number of faces you expect to be included, an approximate date, your phone number if you wish to be called, and a preferred location. I will respond via phone, email or messenger and send you a more detailed form after we speak.

How would you describe your photography style?

I am primarily a pet lifestyle photographer which means I let the pets do their thing with a bit of coaxing and attempt to capture the essence of their personality. I can do more formal portraits in a studio setting in your home, which may include lighting, props, pet clothing, and staged poses. This takes longer to set up, and there will be fewer images included in your gallery.

 Can you work with hyper animals?

Absolutely, as long as they aren't biters.

My dog is not friendly with strangers, can you work with him?

It depends on what you mean by not friendly. If they are just shy and want to hide, I can work with that.  I love dogs, but I was severely bitten in my younger years and am wary of dogs that show any kind of aggression.  If your dog is small and on a leash, it probably will not be a problem, but please don't ask me to get close to large dogs (or other large animals) that are not well-socialized unless I can take pictures through a sturdy enclosure such as a chain-link fence.

Do you print your own products?

No, I use Bay Photo, an online printer that has been helping professional photographers fulfill their clients' orders for decades. My galleries are set up so that you can order directly from the photo-lab. Shipping and taxes are additional but will be handled at the time your order is placed. Coupons you have received from me toward the cost of your prints and products need to be redeemed when you place your order. I will be setting up a page which will provide a video walking you through the steps of a purchase.

Why do I need to sign a model release?

A model release spells out exactly what rights I have to publish photographs that I take of your pets (or people). A separate release is needed for every subject in the photographs spelling out if you are granting me permission to publish the images in ads for my business, on my social websites, or as stock photography. You are not required to sign a model release if you want your photographs to remain exclusively in your private online gallery, HOWEVER, I will give you 10% off your session fee for each signed release up to 30% of the total session cost. Remember that when I take a photograph, I own the copyright to that photograph and you cannot publish it without my permission. By the same token, I cannot publish images of you or your property (i.e. pets) without your permission. I would like to share the awesomeness of your pets with others by submitting photographs to pet magazines, pet businesses, competitions, or just showing them off online, but that is totally up to you.